Celil's handicapped son is in need of intensive care

His friends at Ebu Bekir Islamic Centre are worrying about his son who is in need of intensive care. His son, Muhammad, can not walk, talk and able to appricite his needs at all. There must be always an assistance required. In Canada Theese problems were much lesser with the help of social assitances. Below there is a letter from his friends at Ebu Bekir Islamic Centre that shows thier concern about this disregarded point, which is a touchy aspect of Huseyincan Celil's life.

The Letter;

Last Ramadan everyday in the Ramadan Nigt Prayings, I heard Husyincan(our imam in the salat) cry and ask Allah the healness and recover for our patient. I realized he has a very close and lovely one sick. Then, after I talked to him I understood what was behind his prayings and his cry all Ramadan.

In Burlington city there is a school that his child attends with two teachers taking care of him a half of a day, the rest of the day one of his parent must watch him so he needs help 24 hour in a day, he can't eat or raise his hand or go to washroom by himself he is almost totally paralyzed from doing anything by himself ( even he fails to control his saliva from his mouth), if you look at him you can't hold your tears.
I met him twice, I felt my heart broke, I astonished how his parents handled him all these years. He uses special medications continuously. His problems started from his birth, from that time he gave his parent (may all help them) extremely hard time. It is a test from Allah to their patient. They are really patient and sacrificed a lot. We worried about his mother, how she can handle this child alone, how can she cover very expensive medications for his handicapped child in addition to the responsibility of her other children, may Allah help her.

Urge Walmart to Pressure China

By Theresa Moore, HamiltonThe Hamilton Spectator(Apr 11, 2006)
Re: 'Extradition fight' (April 8)
Since it seems inevitable that Huseyincan Celil will face extradition to China, the most logical step is to request those with influence to bear upon the Chinese government for his freedom.
Wal-Mart is China's fifth largest trading partner. An e-mail, phone call and letter campaign to Wal-Mart executives requesting their intervention in this human rights case may be as effective as anything else.