APRIL 1st The First Year In Detention - Protesting Chinese Injustice

We are planning a protest in front of the Chinese Consulate Toronto for the First Year of Brother Huseyincan Celil's Detention with the association of the Uyghur Canadian Association.

We still do not know anything about Celil's second trial however with the help of our community we hired a Chinese lawyer to defend our brother Celil and inform us in anyway possible under the unjust treatment of Chinese Government .

We ask everybody to join us and spread the word around. At least kindly forward this message to your mailing list.

Protesting will be taken place in front of Chinese Consulate 240 St. George Street, Toronto between 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM on Sunday APRIL 1st.

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New Lawyer in China is on -We Thank to Our Community for their support

Since it has been three weeks we started the campaign for hiring a new lawyer in China for our brother Huseyincan Celil.
We have reached the targeted amount for the expenses of the new lawyer and he is on his way to Urumqi where our brother Celil is in prison.
We thank to our community for their generous supports. It is really important that we stand together at the times of our needs.

You can still send your donations… information here>>>


Supporters seeking new lawyer for Celil

Supporters of Huseyin Celil, a Canadian citizen detained in China, say that his court-appointed lawyer is inadequate and that Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs has recommended they obtain independent legal advice there.

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Engaging China requires a balance of values and interests

Let us therefore engage China effectively on human rights. Let us also have a comprehensive and balanced framework for our bilateral and multilateral discussions. For the pursuit of values without also emphasizing interests puts both at risk.

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