Do not forget Our Brother Huseyincan Celil in your Du'as.

In this Holy Month, Ramadan, all our du'as is very effective and acceptable by Allah Teala with his permission of course... Please do remember our Brother in your du'as.
May Allah protect him from the Chinese oppressors and save him from them! Ameen

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China entered the twentieth century as the remains of an empire fragmented and crushed under pressure from especially Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Russia. After imperial rule had been overthrown, no powerful central authority was established for decades. When the Communist Party came to power in 1949, China soon turned into a state of fear. That process cost the lives of tens of millions of people because of the repressive and totalitarian methods the communists used to enforce their bloody ideology. The Chinese Communist Party resorted to violence to remain in power, and implemented one of the most savage and ruthless form of communism ever, enforcing one single way of living and thinking for the entire Chinese people. Throughout that period, those who refused to abide by the rules of their communist leaders were ruthlessly exterminated