Nearly 2000 Petition Letter to the President signed yet we need more...

Started by Friday with the help of our community, we have claimed that our concern on the issue is a prior. We have urged our brothers to sign a petition letter to the President. Our brothers who contributed in the distribution and organization have set an example of a strong character of our community, which has to be strong and dynamic. From Mississauga, Anatolia Islamic Centre to ISNA, Halton Mosque in Burlington, Downtown and Mountain Mosque, Ebu Bekir Islamic, Omar Mosque Centers in Hamilton petition letters were distributed.

However, we need more support from our community for our brother Celil. We have to take this issue seriously with a sincere concern.

Please try to urge and organize your community or friends to make this petition stronger.

Writing and sending a letter to the President is easiest and effortless thing with no cost-no need to stamp-.

You can find an example letter below or
contact us we can send you a copy of the letter.

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