The wife of a Canadian man from Ontario says he's under arrest in Uzbekistan and risks deportation to his native China. The wife of 39-year-old Huseyincan Celil says that if the Uzbek government returns him to his native China, he'll be executed as a political dissident. Jamile Celil has appealed to the Canadian government to save her husband. On Tuesday, the Canadian foreign affairs department confirmed that a Canadian was under arrest in Tashkent and that the person's family has received consular assistance. His family says that Mr. Celil was an advocate of the rights of the ethnic Uighur people in the Autonomous Uighur Region of western China and that he fled China to Uzbekistan and Turkey before coming to Canada as a refugee in 2001. He, his wife and three children are now Canadian citizens. Mrs. Celil says all five of them were visiting relatives in Tashkent when he was arrested in a government office while trying to extend his visa.

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