One Weak Rally For Brother Huseyincan Celil that was a shame

A rally had taken place in front of the Chinese Consul in Toronto. Unfortunately, more then supporters and politicians there were media personals.

In contrast, that should not have the outcome of our contributions. There were merely 20 people who mostly Turkish-Canadians neither Uyghurs nor Canadians even though rally organized by Uyghur Canadian Association that claimed its efforts respectful on the cause of the brother Celil. This might be the result of complex issues of our society in general which confuse us sometimes in application.

Earlier our friends and supporters in Ottawa via www.huseyincelil.com and brothers who organized rally last Tuesday the 18 with conclusion no action due to the sabotage they report that we believe this rally would concluded with more supporters.

This showed us how politics would be a dysfunctional and harmful tool in the hands of the people who are not capable of, which same result might cause by the people who ideologically oppose for the cause of our brother Husyincan and sadly His condition remains unknown.

As a community we should be more concern of our struggles.

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