Celil at the Chinese Court

Huseyin Celil was brought to trial on Friday(Feb 2, Friday) in Urumqi
for 6 hours after having kept nearly 8 month in unknown location by
China's authorities.
his mother, sisters and his son joined the trial with along secrete
service members and regional police represenatatives.

government appointed lawyer has tried to represent Mr. Celil.

soon after Court opened, Mr. Celil asked to see appointed lawyer's law
lisence to confirm wether he is a
lawyer or not. court has rejected his request.

Mr. Celil asked the court he is Canadian citizen and he wants to
have the presence Canadian personal from Embassy, lawyer with law
degree that recommended by Canadian Embassy, or his wife or at least
other Canadian HR organizations to represent him at the court.
court kep silence on his request.

during 6 hours trial, government side did not present any charges
against him interestingly.

Mr. Celil also asked the court to know, after so many months, "what is
the charge against me, and why I am detained.

court spent most of the time to ask his activities in Canada.
Mr. Celil told the court that, he was a student and busy enough to take
care of his small kids.
he said to the court in response that "I live and exercise my rights
the limit of Canadian Law in Canada. I attend community activities if my

time permitts, but most of the time I could not able to attend any
events organized by Uyghurs in Canada due to my time that spent mostly
with my kids".

Mr. Celil at the end of the court asked again that he wants to see
Canadian representatives in Beijing.

his mother and sisters described that his condition is good.
also secrete police asked if there is any pictures from Canada for his
wife and new born child.

government appointed lawyer told his mother and sister that, so far in
his understanding there is no any reason he has seen why Mr. Celil was
detained and kept in China.
according to that Lawyer, his repeated request to see the charges
against Huseyin Celil was turned down and he was hoping to see it in
the court, but no one brought up any charges against him.

instead of presenting any charges against him, prosecutors simply
started to question him what kinds of activity he has engaged in Canada
against China.

court closed after 6 hours of empity talks and said there will be other
trial soon.

information is recieved from the relatives of Mr. Celil by phone.

Uyghur Canadian Association
Democracy, Human Rights through non-violence