Celil Needs Your Help!

Celil’s situation is getting worse and terrifying along with the latest bad news of Ismail Samed’s execution whose case was parallel to Celil’s.
As you know recent updates below, China does not allow any Canadian officials or lawyers to defend Huseyincan Celil through his trial started recently.
This seems unfair and unjust yet we should remember that we are dealing with biggest horrendous and horrific country in the world, communist China.
Celil’s family lawyer Chris MacLeod said that He couldn’t get to China because China did not approved his travel visa.
Therefore we have no choice but hiring another lawyer in China who can be able to defend Celil and provide us his updates in Urumqi, China.
With the help of Chris Macleod and Amnesty Canada another lawyer in China will be hired.
We need to raise up to $12.000 to cover new lawyer expenses. Already we have matching $3000 promised by Amnesty Canada.
We need our community’s support on this fund. We ask everybody to involve and help out.
Please spread this campaign everyone in your mailing lists and let everybody know.
We also ask our community leaders to participate and inform their people through their services.
Please contact us via freehcorg@gmail.com for more information on transferring your donations or any other concerns.

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